HIPPO Sizing System

What makes flow control precious and fit?

The precious control of flows comes from many factors. One of the most important is to design fit control components with actual working context. More means waste, less makes trouble. This is how Engineering System matters. But what construct flow-simulation accuracy? Always and always, solid modeling with detail experiment verification.


“Valve torque is calculated to allow proper actuator sizing and to provide assurance that the valve components can withstand the internal forces produced by flowing medium and fluid pressure.” – B. E. Bsrmn

As a professional manufactuer, HIPPO Engineering team evaluated mathematically from a first-principles approach:

  • Theory-based Factoring
  • Solid Mathematic Modeling
  • Detail Experiment Verification
  • Precious Curve-Fitting

And these evaluations provide accurate control recommendations - from an HIPPO intelligent sizing system.

HIPPO Sizing System

As an modern engineering system, this sizing system gathers working factors such as fluid, pressure, temperature, detail, coefficient, actuator type, air supply...etc. And generates precious curve-fitting recommendations.

As above sample snapshot, light blue represents HIPPO Valve's working torque in target environment, dark blue represents actuator torque of throttling or on-off. This sample perfectly reveals HIPPO Engineering's capability to:

Hence to guarantee the precious and fit of controls.




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