Team and Responsibility

As a very trusted vendor, we have well-experienced team and devote all our passion in high performance valves' design and production.


Responsibility and Vision

HIPPO Valve is a valve practice full of passion. Our teams have more than 40 years experience and enthusiasm in "Building New Generation High Performance Valves." With this object, we work hard all the day, all the time. This is not only a statement, but a vision to push us devote all our passion and knowledge to fuse 40 years experience and production engineering into new generation valves. In order to deliver high valve valves to customers, HIPPO Valve utilize latest engineering design software PTC Creo Parametric, modern 3D CAD simulation, andadvanced CNC devices. All above capabilities are fused and 100% implemented in our production.


We deeply believe all our team members are seeking future in same vision.

Positive Attitude

  • We design, manufacture, and improve our high performance product based on actual needs.

  • In manufacturing world, Simple is the best. We solve issues by simple-and-direct approach, which contributs to better reliability.

  • There is always a better way. We collect data, analyze, and no hesitate in improving actions.

  • Customer have the right to get high quality products with reasonable price. We preciously control our cost and feed back to customer in price.

  • Our managers always lead from themselves and to be the benchmark of all our employee.

  • Person is limited but team is infinite. We insisit to face challenges based on team and work as 1+1=3.

  • HIPPO Valve respect all our partners. Facing employee and customers with humble and polite.

  • We insist our high standard responsibility and never walk away.

  • With regular review of our production, we always keep grotwh, accumulate experience, think for better practice to touch the future.

Team-based Growing Future

We take care the living of our employee and make employee feel they are recognized and respected in their position. We believe, right people make the team, right teams make the company. All our members' growth and future development are important to us. We have no hestiate in investing our team. By regular internal education and Train-the-trainer program, we provide our members rich developing plan. Every year, our member can set up their annual performance plan with manager.


Our Team

Our Vision

Delivers values to you based on perfect integration of 40 years experience and valve engineering

HippoValve, your very trusted vendor.


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